15 million XRP sent to an unknown wallet

Today, a huge amount of cryptocurrency XRP is listed on an unknown wallet, the transaction was carried out in a Bitstamp wallet. The sender and recipient are unknown, the cost of funds is estimated at $ 5,492,146.

Despite the lack of wide publicity, this news soon spread to the crypto community, and users became interested in it.

This is not the first major transfer, which took place in December 2018 – on the 26th, Whale Alert announced the transfer of 90,000,000 XRP. The transaction cost was $ 33,493,911.

Other cryptocurrencies also had similar transfers. For example, with Poloniex, 30,000 ETH worth $ 3,753,509 was sent to an unknown account.

1690 BTC priced at $ 6,394,654 and 13,156,924 XRP with Bitstamp are listed in unknown wallets, many crypto funds have also withdrawn large sums from the leading trading platforms.

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