51% attack on Ethereum Classic network

A 51% attack was made on the Ethereum Classic network. The developers said that it was caused by testing new miners. The first information about the attack appeared on the night of January 7, but after a day the situation stabilized.

Today, in the morning, data about the completion of the elimination of the consequences of the attack appeared on the Ethereum Classic portal. Because of it, the number of withdrawals and deposits increased to 400 points. The developers noted that the information distributed by SlowMist does not quite correspond to reality. In particular, the problem was eliminated within a day, rather than three days, as stated in the message.

“Manufacturer of ASIC miners Linzhi Shenzhen did not report on testing at a higher speed. Because of this, users began to complain about network interruptions, which led to the creation of a so-called attack of 51%. In part, the problem was quickly eliminated and returned to a stable work schedule, ”the developers of the Ethereum Classic network said.

The publication of CoinDesk found that incidents occurred with the network for exactly 3 hours, which could be triggered by algorithms, and not real users. As of 17:00 on January 7, all problems were resolved. Blockscout spokesman Andrew Craveno, meanwhile, said that the network requires reorganization, as it cannot cope with routine equipment testing.

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