60000000 Litecoin have now been Mined

On Saturday, December 12, a 60-millionth coin was extracted on the Litecoin cryptocurrency network. Thus, to date, about 71.5% of the total emission in the amount of LTL 84,000,000 is nominated, the Litecoin.com blog says.

The achievement of this historical stage also means that it remains to extract only 3,000,000 LTC before the next halving, when the size of the reward for the found block decreases from the current 25 LTC to 12.5 LTC.

According to LitecoinBlockHalf, this halving of the reward will happen on August 8, 2019, and by that time 75% of the total emission of cryptocurrency will be mined.

At the current emission rate, production of LTC 1 million takes about 70 days, after halving, this period will double, to 140 days. It is also noted that, taking into account the Litecoin deflationary model, the 70-millionth coin will be mined in about 1,330 days, that is, somewhere in the middle of 2022.

The last LTС coin, according to the mathematical model of cryptocurrency, should be named approximately in 2142. The size of the reward for the found block is 0.00000042 LTC.

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