Critical vulnerability discovered in electronic wallet of new cryptocurrency Beam

The development team of the new cryptocurrency Beam, released last week, found a “critical vulnerability” in the software of its e-wallet.

Through an official Twitter account, Beam representatives warned users to immediately remove the application for the Beam Wallet and install the patched version of the program by downloading it from the cryptocurrency website. On the project page on GitHub, the developers also said that a detailed description of the vulnerability and its identification number in CVE, a database of well-known vulnerabilities, will be published in a week to avoid exploits.

“Vulnerability was detected in all previous versions of Beam Wallets, both in desktop and in CLI [command line interface]. Do not delete the database or any other information from the wallet. Vulnerability does not affect the purse data, private keys or passwords, ”said representatives of the Beam on the page on GitHub.

The statement particularly emphasizes that the vulnerability was discovered only by the Beam team and did not carry this information beyond the project. The situation managed to comment on the technical director of the company Alex Romanov (Alex Romanov). He stated that the problem has already been solved, and there is nothing to worry about to the miners and the owners of the nodes.

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