Ethereum Classic 51% Attackers Return $100,000 to Crypto Exchange

Bitcoin-exchange reported that the alleged organizer of the 51% attack on the cryptocurrency network Ethereum Classic returned $ 100,000, which its users lost earlier.

Earlier this week, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange stated that as a result of the attack, its users lost about 40,000 ETC, promising to compensate for the losses at their own expense.

However, on Saturday, representatives of reported that an unknown hacker returned at least half of this amount to her. The company also noted that it was trying to contact the hacker, but so far has not received any response. The exchange also does not know the reasons why it was returned to her.

“If the organizer of the attack did not seek to obtain benefits, then it could be a white hacker who wanted to remind people of the risks that are inherent in the blockchain consensus and the security provided by the computing power,” the exchange said.

Representatives of also stated that the current hash rate of the ETC network is still not high enough, which leaves the possibility of another 51% attack by leasing computing power.

Currently, 4000 transactions are required on to successfully complete transactions in ETC. The exchange believes this will increase the level of security, and calls on other platforms to take similar measures to protect traders.

Earlier, the investment company Grayscale Investments assured its customers that it did not see a direct risk to the assets of the fund in Ethereum Classic after the cryptocurrency network was attacked 51% earlier this week.

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