Ethereum fell by 15% in anticipation of the fork of Constantinople

Ethereum unexpectedly dropped in value on the eve of the fork of Constantinople. Currently, the value of the coin is approximately $ 127, and capitalization has sunk to a level of $ 13.2 billion.

Due to the lower cost of the coin, the XRP token took the lead. Now its capitalization is more than 13.5 billion dollars. Analysts are confident that the phenomenon is of short duration, which is why in the near future the ethereum will return the indicators and will trade with the same coefficients.

Bitcoin over the past few days also showed a negative trend. In particular, over the week, its cost decreased by about 9.2 percent and amounted to $ 3,661. Bitcoin Cash fell to $ 133 and showed the worst result from the top ten leaders. Analysts say that, unlike etherium, it is almost impossible to predict the behavior of Bitcoin.

At the end of last year, ethereum showed growth at an aggressive pace, but then this trend was due to the expectation of the approaching fork of Constantinople. The update will significantly improve network performance, which is why very soon many tokens will begin to rise in price.

According to the initiators of hard forks, the updated blockchain will attract new investors, which will have a positive impact on the entire state of the market.

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