Grin vs Beam – What’s the difference?

At the session of answering questions, the author of the book “Mastering Bitcoin” focused on Grin and Beam. It was about the difference between them. Since both cryptocurrencies are based on the same MimbleWimble protocol. Because it takes the anonymity of projects to a new level, completely hiding transactions from prying eyes.

Andreas Antonopoulos said that MimbleWimble has the potential to solve several problems with both privacy and scalability. The protocol was first introduced in 2016 by an anonymous developer under the nickname Tom Elvis Jedusor. It is noteworthy that his fictitious name coincides with the French pronunciation of the name Lord Voldemort of Harry Potter’s Universe.

The first attempt is an open-source project Grin, the work on which began two years ago. The main goal of the Grin developer was the practical implementation of all the features of MimbleWimble.

Grin finances the community itself. It is distributed without a premina, which gives the Grin team a good image.

While the Beam, released a year later, is a completely different purpose. It is not ordinary investors that finance it, but venture funds.

Both projects have two different management approaches. Grin focuses on research. At the same time, the Beam is focused on the idea of ​​creating your own product that can be profitably sold. Grin has a command line interface, so it’s not that easy to use. Beam also has a fully graphical user interface and a convenient wallet.

In addition, the projects have a different economic model. The emission of Grin is 60 coins per block, while their maximum number is not limited. But Beam is the opposite – its mining is practically no different from Bitcoin mining.

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