Hard fork Waves X will help the Waves become even better

Waves blockchain platform has gained popularity in the world of cryptocurrencies. This tool for the convenient production of tokens and campaigns in the format of crowdfunding has earned great respect from ICO-projects. Last but not least, the increase in popularity is due to the continuous improvement of the system, and one of the important steps in this direction is being taken now.

Important advantages

Here are some important advantages that those who store currency in Waves X will have:

  • High transaction speed. This issue, which is problematic for many cryptocurrencies, will be solved in Waves X. In the latter case, this figure will be as much as 1000 tps, which is two orders of magnitude greater than that of the same Bitcoin. Operations will happen just instantly! Especially in the future, when the speed will raise another 10 times;
  • The maximum possible decentralization. Order approval mechanisms are outside the public voting network. All this makes the system extremely safe in terms of storing, managing and distributing currency;
  • Available release of cryptotoken. There are low rates for placing smart contracts, trading and issuing tokens. In terms of democracy, this is one of the best offers – the commission is only 0.001 WAVES;
  • System flexibility The user, regardless of the type of his equipment, can run Proof-of-Work or Proof-of-Stake nodes, as well as both at the same time;
  • Convenient management. Applications with wallets have all the necessary functions, but at the same time minimalistic, nice looking and intuitive design. It can be installed on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and also has a web version.

Hardfork is scheduled for January 19, 2019. And after it, all owners of this cryptocurrency will receive 5 WVSX for each WAVES in their wallet. The authors of the project are trying to spread information about it as much as possible, so that anyone who talks about it on social networks can get coins.

Who is interested in this offer?

The answer is simple – to everyone who is associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Miners, dApp developers, ICO founders, traders and all those who simply want to use this payment method or invest in it. Especially for traders, I would also like to talk about plans to launch a decentralized burglary-protected exchange, in which at high speed and favorable conditions you can trade not only WVSX, but also BTC, Ethereum and the most popular tokens. Well, in the future there will be trading in derivatives and lending.


The hard forks of WavesX have a well-defined “road map”, during which already this year many convenient functions will be available for WVSX holders. So far everything is going according to plan, so that interested people should definitely pay attention to the project.

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