How frauders use hard fork constantinople to your benefit?

Experts of the Guarda company warn that both “projects” are the most common scam. Web purses placed on scam sites are simply trying to lure out their private keys from users. On the eve of Constantinople, we will again quote some important rules that will help your coins not to fall into the hands of hackers.

Programmers Guarda conducted a detailed analysis of the technical component of the two scam projects.

When you go to the Ethereum Nowa website, the user can click on the “Wallet” button, which will redirect it to the window for creating / importing an old wallet. That is the trap.

Fortunately, the Firefox browser and the MetaMask extension were able to recognize deception in time and block access to the page.

At first glance, the Ethereum Classic Vision start page looks pretty solid. However, the page code has a built-in mechanism for automatically sending victims’ private keys under the guise of tokens API.

Once again we remind you that when working with Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens it is better to use proven solutions – MyEtherWallet or MetaMask. Do not follow suspicious links and do not leave any personal information, even if you are promised a generous airdrop of promising altcoins for it.

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