Litecoin cryptocurrency has a new logo

Litecoin – A refined Logo and Vision.

“The payment choice for the world”

The Litecoin Foundation presented a new Litecoin logo. Visually, it is very different from the past. The company’s management noted that the presentation of the new logo will make it possible to make a “step towards future breakthroughs” of the coin.

“The logo was developed by experts from Tokens Agency, who were able to express all our thoughts in a simple pattern. In addition, lightcoin continues to evolve, which is why, sooner or later, it would still expect a slight rebranding, ”said representatives of the Litecoin Foundation.

Developing a new logo, the company took into account the wishes of users of its own network. In addition, the idea of ​​a lightning belongs to the owner of several dozen coins, which gave the time between them for free. After that, it was slightly improved at Tokens Agency, which is why it has the current appearance.

The Litecoin Foundation company asked all users and owners of sites and pages on social networks to switch to the use of a new logo, for which there are no copyright restrictions.

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