Litecoin to introduce confidential transactions

Charlie Lee said that he focused primarily on the implementation of confidential transactions in the project. In his opinion, Bitcoin and Litecoin, unlike others, lack the interchangeability typical of stable currencies.

Lee noted that, having figured out scalability, Litecoin still needs a solution for a simultaneous exchange resolution:

“Now that the scaling debate is over, interchangeability and confidentiality will be the next battleground.”

As a result, the next most important issues are privacy and interchangeability. Therefore, these issues Charlie Lee hopes to solve through the addition of confidential transactions.

For this reason, he is confident that the guarantee of non-disclosure of addresses and current balance will make the asset more attractive to users.

Also, according to his calculations, this will happen this year.

The user under the nickname Kyle Samani asked whether the developers will conduct hardfork in connection with the introduction of confidential transactions. Lee assured him that the changes would not require a transition to a new chain. Also, according to his calculations, this will happen this year and will not require hard forks.

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