Poloniex Exchange has added the Grin cryptocurrency to the listing

Poloniex Cryptocurrency Exchange has announced the beginning of support for the privacy-oriented users of Grin cryptocurrency.

The next 12 months, part of all commissions with cryptocurrency, will go to the development fund Grin. In the first month of trading it will be 50%, in the following months – 25%.

“We hope that the funds will be used to support security audits and a campaign for developers. Also on the bounty to detect bugs, open development of ASIC and general efforts to strengthen the Grin ecosystem, ”writes Poloniex.

The exchange also provides users with two ways of depositing funds, which should ensure maximum security and simplicity.
This is due to the peculiarity of Grin transactions that do not have public addresses.

The first method involves the use of a URL, reducing the process of depositing funds to one step. It is best suited to those who want maximum simplicity. Also, this method will be useful when transferring funds from mining pools or from other exchanges.

The second method is more complicated. He assumes that Poloniex and the user exchange a unique file before initiating the broadcast of a transaction on the Grin network. This method is for more advanced users. It is also for those who want to use Poloniex as a grin wallet for p2p transactions.

Additional information on deposit methods is available on a separate page.

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