Testing TON blockchain platform Pavel Durov will begin in late February

In February, several investors may start testing the TON blockchain platform. But the full launch of the blockchain platform is hampered by the lack of payment gateways.

“Information that the platform is 90% ready means nothing. Since it is possible to release a new Gram in two seconds, which happened against the background of a cryptobank last year. But as long as there are no gateways for depositing and withdrawing funds on the platform, it will not start. The launch is scheduled for June, but there are uncertainties. ”

Test platform was to be held in the fall. Then the project was ready at 70%. First, the launch date was the end of 2018, but was postponed to March 2019. Durov also planned to meet with the largest investors in the project in the near future.

“At the marketing level, Pavel Durov, has already worked, having raised with such statements the number of subscribers to the Telegram service. Last year there was an update on the launch of this platform. Correspondingly, according to many experts in the blockchain development field, there is still a long way to go to a brilliant launch into combat. ” So says the managing partner of the venture fund Prytek and the CEO of the IT and security school HackerU Olesya Gorkova.

TON is a blockchain system based on the Telegram messenger, its capabilities are comparable to WeChat: communication, communication, media. Forbes surveyed the investment managers of international venture capital funds; the consensus estimate for TON’s capitalization was $ 3.9 billion. At the same time, The Bell, citing experts from Qiwi HASH Crypto Investment Bank, estimated $ 29.5 billion.

“With maintaining the level of excitement around the launch of the platform at Durov everything is in order. When the platform is working, its functionality will be tested. Startup is not enough to attract the attention of users to their product. It is important to keep them and make them loyal. The popularity of the TON product can be judged in one or two years. ” So says the founder of the Digest of World Financial Technologies, Alexander Tabernakulov.

The launch of TON will revive the crypto market and give new power to the “classic” cryptocurrency – Bitcoin and Ethereum. Considers the co-founder and partner of Tokenbox, Vladimir Smerkis. The most interesting thing is how TON developers solve the scalability problem. Namely, how they approach the application of the Proof-of-Stake concept in practice. Given the popularity of Telegram channels in blockchain communities, one can say that the number of users will be significant even simply out of curiosity.

“However, there are quite a lot of risks, why it will not work. For example, transactions will not be feasible or blocked for implementation. In this case, it will be a major failure, which many people will think about in the future. But, as WeChat’s experience in China shows, The example of using the messenger as the center of a financial platform is extremely promising. ”So says the CEO of Orbit Capital Partners and Ambassador SingularityU Yevgeny Kuznetsov.

Pavel Durov has time to implement his plan until October. Under the terms of the ICO, he must return the money to investors.

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