Zilliqa network will start in a week, the price increases

Before the launch of the Zilliqa network, less and less time is left and this seems to be the main reason for the increase in the price of ZIL. Over the past 24 hours, Zilliqa has grown by almost 7%, according to CoinMarketCap. Trading volume also increased from $ 174 million to $ 183 million per day.

The main growth driver for the project was that it was able to solve the scaling problems that most other decentralized networks are experiencing. The development team has invested a lot of time and resources in order to deal with these difficulties. In order to implement advanced scaling technologies, the project even had to postpone launching its own network: it was scheduled for Q3 2018, now the transition will take place on January 31, 2019. The developers spent most of this time testing in order to make sure the updates worked.

Now they are ready to move to their network, the team is confident that the blockchain ZIL will be able to ensure the comfortable operation of any decentralized applications.

From the point of view of investment, this cryptocurrency can be profitable both in the short and long term. We see the growth of the coin on the news about the actual launch of its own network. In a bear market, any positive news can be enthusiastically received by traders and investors. This movement can be especially strong if next year the market enters the “green” zone. Analysts felt that if Bitcoin grows by at least 10% in January, Zilliqa could rise in price by 50%.

Long-term prospects Zilliqa

Long-term prospects are due to the fact that, after solving problems with scaling, the network can become the basis for many decentralized applications. Today, the project has already signed partnership agreements with many well-known companies, all of them are potential customers for hosting applications.

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