100,000 Genmega ATMs in the USA now sell and buy Bitcoin

The partnership of the crypto company LibertyX with Genmega, an operator and manufacturer of ATMs, will allow millions of Americans across the country to buy and sell bitcoins through ATMs

According to the company’s press release, all Genmega ATMs are now essentially Bitcoin ATMs. Thanks to the cooperation with LibertyX, the main cryptocurrency can now be purchased using plastic bank cards.

According to the Coinatmradar website, there are currently 2300 specific Bitcoin ATMs located in the USA. Now, to this number, you can safely add another 100 thousand.

Chris Yim, executive director of LibertyX, commented:

“In the past five years, we have worked tirelessly to make the purchase of cryptocurrency more simple, convenient and understandable. Our efforts were clearly not in vain: now you can buy Bitcoin through any Genmega ATM. ”

The key detail is that companies actually made the purchase of Bitcoin available to anyone who has plastic bank cards and knows how to use an ATM.

Genmega Vice President Wess Dan also shared his opinion on the event, stressing how it would affect all shareholders of the company:

“ATM operators are always looking for ways to increase the volume of transactions going through their machines. Cooperation with LibertyX will add us traffic and increase commission fees, due to which our profits will increase. Now we can say with confidence that we are at the forefront of our industry. ”

Such a move Genmega will increase competition in the ATM market. It is possible that in the near future even more traditional ATMs in the USA will start selling and buying not only Bitcoin, but also other cryptocurrencies.

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