Anthony Pompliano: Bitcoin will trade below $ 3000

One of the main crypto-optimists gave a rather pessimistic short-term forecast. The founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets believes that in the near future, Bitcoin may even fall in price by about $ 1,000, and that looking for any correlations between the rate of Bitcoin and other assets is in vain.

The same people can own FAANG shares and invest in cryptocurrencies, but this is not enough to draw any conclusions and draw parallels between the markets, he believes.

As for cryptocurrency itself, Pomplino here in the near future does not expect explosive growth, rather, on the contrary, predicts a further decline in the rate of Bitcoin, and with it the entire crypto market. “In the short term, I think, it will fall … below $ 3,000,” he said, prompting a surge of emotion among the panelists.

However, the long-term outlook is seen by Pompiano in more rosy tones – the cryptobranch is still very young, and the infusion of new investments will cause an increase in demand, and, as a consequence, the rise in prices of cryptoactive assets, since their supply is limited.

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