Bitcoin (BTC) will grow to $ 5000 by the end of the year and to $ 1 million in the future

The head of blockchain and cryptocurrency trends at IBM Jesse Lund gave an interview to In which he said that in the future he expects Bitcoin (BTC) prices to rise to $ 1 million. At the end of the year, he predicts Bitcoin (BTC) will reach $ 5,000 or more. The network’s liquidity may be in excess of $ 20 trillion, and Satoshi will be compared to the American cent.

Speaking about the integration of Stellar (XLM) into the work of IBM and the use of this cryptocurrency for cross-border payments network Blockchain World Wire (BWW). Lund said the company is considering the possibility of introducing other cryptoactive assets. For example: XRP, BTC, stablecoin or central banks of digital currencies (CBDC).

Recall that earlier, IBM was in the ranking published by the publication IPR Daily. She was on the second line of the ranking of the world’s largest inventors in the blockchain. IBM and Columbia University have created a research center to implement educational initiatives and support application development in this area. Riyadh Municipality has selected IBM as a strategic partner to facilitate the introduction of technology into government services and transactions.

Also with the Australian government, the corporation has signed a contract for 1 billion Australian dollars ($ 740 million). As a result of which for 5 years will support the state authorities of the country. Also including the departments of defense and internal affairs, applying blockchain technology and seeking to automate processes.

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