In 2018, the year Bitcoin was predicted to “die” 90 times

According to Bitcoin Obituaries, Bitcoin “died” 90 times only in 2018, and 336 times since its inception.

Since Bitcoin became known to the general public, many influential people in the financial world, Keynesian economists, well-known observers and leaders from Wall Street began to declare Bitcoin “dead.”

This year it happened 90 times, according to Bitcoin Obituaries statistics. In the bear market, the media even appeared specific dates for the “death” of the main cryptocurrency in 2018.

One would assume that during the growth of assets in the 2017th year, the prophecies of such a plan should be less, but site statistics suggest the opposite: 125 such incidents were recorded.

The last registered statement on the site belongs to Anthony Garcia:

“Bitcoin is literally worthless – it has no chance of success, because it represents values. They are not supported by anything except illusions; neither gold nor silver, and not even a decree that would be legally binding. He has no intrinsic value and no one needs him. ”

Also, for example, Nouriel Roubini, a professor at New York University, repeatedly speaks negatively about cryptocurrencies: at the beginning of the year, he declared that the blockchain is “a dubious, utopian dream”. Roubini believes that the danger of cryptocurrency lies in the fact that they are deprived of the intrinsic value inherent in fiat money, which results from the need to pay taxes, and bitcoin is a “bubble” that sooner or later will burst.

While the statements of opinion leaders such as Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffet, attract the attention of the public, Bitcoin will continue to “die” next year, noted in Bitcoin Obituaries.

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