Lightning channels on the Bitcoin network have exceeded 2000

Recently, news about the Lightning Network (LN) has been actively published via tweets by the CoinGate processing company. Their collaboration is one of the most long-awaited developments in the field of cryptocurrencies, important for both the Litecoin community (LTC) and the Bitcoin community (BTC), Ambcrypto reports.

An unofficial Bitcoin fan channel called Lightning Network’s “Statistics Lightning Network” has updated on Twitter information about the progress of Bitcoin LN. Now the network has more than 4,500 nodes and more than 2,000 active channels. The network capacity is currently 495.290 BTC, which is equivalent to

Another Twitter channel called A v B tells about the strengths and improvements that need to be made to improve technology. Among the advantages of the Lightning network are extremely low fees, micropayments for sabsatosh, instant payments, unlimited scalability, encryption at the onion level, confidentiality and decentralization.

Among the improvements mentioned are the addition of gateways inside and outside the network, channel balancing and improved mobile wallets.

According to Charlie Lee, LN is the best second-level solution for cryptotransactions, especially for Bitcoin and Litecoin, which will allow atomic exchanges between both cryptocurrencies.

In addition, he expressed the opinion that Litecoin can help Bitcoin to solve the problem of scalability, since the size of its blocks is four times larger than that of Bitcoin.

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