The activity of Bitcoin users reached a maximum since December 2017

The number of daily transactions in the network of the largest digital currency in the past ten months jumped 63% and reached the highest level since the end of 2017. The corresponding post was posted on Twitter by the user ArminVanBitcoin.

He stressed that the number of daily operations has grown to indicators of the period in the history of the cryptocurrency market, when Bitcoin holders were most active. Despite the depreciation of the BTC, which now stands at about $ 3,700, the activity of users of the coin network has steadily increased over the past few months.

In the last 24 hours, the peak activity of Bitcoin users was recorded, which made more than 326,000 transactions per day. About six months ago, the highest activity of the players was recorded on July 17, 2018, then in 24 hours the holders of cryptocurrency made 167,255 transactions.

Then, from mid-summer to early January, the number of operations in the BTC network increased despite the “bearish trend” on the crypto market.

In early January, the service reported that, on average, up to 281,000 transactions go through the Bitcoin network in one day. Social network users reacted differently to the information on the increase in the number of operations in the BTC network.

Some declare that, most likely, not investors, but bots and exchanges show activity. However, most people react positively to the growing activity of BTC holders and believes that in the future the number of transactions will only increase as the throughput capacity of the platform of the main digital currency increases.

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