The cost of transactions in the Bitcoin network has reached a minimum

At the beginning of last year, commissions on the Bitcoin network reached their historic maximum – the average cost of transferring BTC was $ 34. At the same time, the daily network load reached 308 thousand transactions. Now, the weighted average cost of transactions in the network of the first cryptocurrency dropped to the figures for October 2015 and is only $ 0.02.

Visual comparison of commission cost indicators in January 2019 and in October 2015:

It is noteworthy that the trend is seen against the background of a twofold increase in the number of transfers over the past six months.

Recall that on the eve of the new year, the complexity of mining Bitcoin has increased by 10.03% since the last recalculation on December 19. At block 556416, it was 5.62 T. At the same time, the average hash rate in the network increased to the level of 40.16 EH / s, and it took 9 minutes and 6 seconds to extract the block. Based on these data, some experts conclude that information about the output of miners from the cryptoindustry is exaggerated.

The price of bitcoin, according to CoinMarketCap, at the moment is $ 4,028.93 per unit.

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