Bakkt platform unveiled details of upcoming Bitcoin futures

The Bakkt cryptocurrency platform has published new details of future Bitcoin futures, naming, in particular, limits on lots and the size of commissions held.

The minimum admissible price fluctuation will be $ 2.50 per 1 BTC; however, for large transactions with a size of 10 BTC and higher, the possibility of determining the price with an accuracy of $ 0.01 will be available. The limit of positions will be 100 thousand lots for any date contracts.

There are no restrictions on price fluctuations on the platform, and the size of the commission, which will go to cover the costs of exchange and clearing, will be $ 0.50 for each transaction.

It also became known that the preliminary opening of trades at Bakkt will be carried out at 19:55, the trades will be conducted directly from 8:00 pm to 6:00 pm the next day, New York time, and the calculations will take place from 4:58 pm to 5:00 pm

At the same time, Bakkt, with the support of Blockstream, has introduced an expanded data stream, which, the company says, will provide high transparency and will enable real-time broadcast of price data on more than 400 fiat and cryptocurrency pairs.

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