Binance Chain: test network launch date

The head of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance Changpeng Zhao announced the launch date of the test network. Binance Chain will open for public testing on February 20th.

Binance Chain uses the Cosmos Network Prostokol Tendermint. For this reason, the architecture of this protocol is ideal for the site. As a result, Blockchain at the heart of Binance DEX will operate on the basis of delegated share (Delegated Proof of Stake, DPoS) and Byzantine Consensus (Byzantine Fault Tolerant, BFT).

Also, this is a Tendermint fork, with smart contracts cut out. This is done to increase productivity, which is more important for exchange tasks than an abundance of opportunities.

First of all, the platform interface will allow projects to release tokens based on Binance Chain and “effectively carry out ICO”, ​​attracting funds in BNB tokens.

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