Binance DEX began public testing

Binance Exchange began public testing of the Binance DEX decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, built on the company’s own blockchain.

In addition, Binance demonstrated blockchain-explorer for its own Binance Chain test network. The network allows traders to create individual nodes and store secret keys to their cryptoactive assets.

Binance so far wants to collect community feedback before deciding on a final launch schedule.

“At Binance DEX, we implemented a new balance of security, freedom and ease of use, where you take more responsibility and control your assets,” said Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

The company also announced that the newly acquired Trust Wallet and hardware wallet Ledger are already integrated into Binance DEX. In addition, BNB’s own token (based on ERC20) will move to Binance Chain after its final launch.

The plans to launch Binance DEX and Binance Chain were announced back in March 2018. The centralized exchange itself opened in mid-2017. She quickly gained popularity, becoming the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

In his today’s announcement, Zhao also announced that Binance Chain completes transactions “almost instantly.” Therefore, Binance DEX is able to handle the same trading volume as

A few days ago, Zhao tweeted the new coin listing innovations. Now the listing of coins will cost about $ 100,000 to reduce the number of fraudulent projects.

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