Bitcoin Cash Network Launched Nakamoto Game Lottery

Supporters of Bitcoin Cash are discussing a new lottery with cash prizes. In it, the BCH blockchain plays the role of an oracle to ensure justice. Nakamoto Game is presented on March 6, anyone can participate. To start the game, the user must select the size of the bet and send the required amount. You can make a minimum bet of 0.01 BCH or several bets by scanning a QR code. The lucky number in the game is the generated transaction identifier (TxID). The system automatically determines the winner of each round about once every three days or every 400 blocks.

Several random players have already received their jackpots, and users can see the distribution of rewards on the site. Jackpot size may vary. Therefore, the current prize, which will be drawn in the next few days, is approximately 7.046 BCH ($ 923). This amount increases with the number of participants in the draw. If the lucky user number (TxID) matches the last alphanumeric code in the hash of the designated block, the participant wins the round. If no lucky numbers are found in the target block hash, the reward moves to a new round. The BCH community seems to like the idea of ​​a lottery. Some even express the opinion that the blockchain will help to create and conduct honest lotteries.

“We organized the world’s first lottery. It is based on the BCH network, and it works live, ”the creators of the Nakamoto Game explained. “Registration is not required, and it is 100% honest – when the system finds a winner, the jackpot is paid instantly.”

When a lucky number is found, the winner gets 70 percent of the winnings. The remaining 30 percent goes to the next round, “in order to attract more users and create larger prize payouts.” BCH lottery organizers have reported that the platform is holding 1% per transaction. As a result, they are intended to finance the game. Recently, 10 winners have won over 2.6 BCH. Therefore, the winning TxIDs were displayed on the site next to the “Current Rates” tab.

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