Blockstream strengthened Green wallet security

Blockstream developer of the Blockstream company introduced an improved version of its Bitcoin wallet. The wallet will now continue life called Blockstream Green.

The application is already available for devices on Android and iOS. Soon, the company promises to add support for other platforms. The code for both applications is publicly available and available on GitHub.

The report says that the wallet, which was originally purchased in July 2017, was rewritten from scratch. Therefore, new added features make Bitcoin storage more secure.

Among the main functions of Blockstream Green can be distinguished two-factor authentication with support for multi-signature. Also support for Tor connections and hiding IP addresses for added privacy. For offline storage, the wallet can be connected to hardware devices including Trezor. Also available is the option to connect to your own Bitcoin node.

Currently Blockstream Green only supports Bitcoin. But in the future it is also planned to implement support for assets in the Liquid sidechain.

“Blockstream Green will be a window to the Bitcoin infrastructure, which Blockstream has been creating all these years, and integration with the Liquid Network is a key part of our plans,” said Samson Mow, strategic development director for Blockstream.

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