Boerse Stuttgart Launches Bison Crypto Trading App

“Bison makes money on the difference between bid and ask prices,” explained Sowa Labs CEO Ulli Spankowski.

In the Stuttgart Stock Exchange stressed that the application has a news feed that uses artificial intelligence. In the future, the German platform plans to start trading through its stock exchange, but for this it will need to obtain special permissions from local financial regulators.

One of the advantages of the application is that users do not need to start their own cryptocurrency wallets to start trading. The depositnox unit of Stuttgart is responsible for the custody of clients’ assets. The account is replenished in euros through solarisBank. In the future, it is planned to attract users from other states. The functions of this project partner include processing payments in euros, and also providing custodial services for storing money that investors plan to convert into cryptocurrency.

Features of the Bison app “Trades through the newest program will be available every day, but only 6 am to midnight New York time. “We will also allow trading in other cryptocurrencies, which will be chosen taking into account such criteria as market capitalization, customer interest and the possibility of their storage in a reliable storage.” For three months, the creators of Bison plan to attract 10,000 users, throughout the year – 100,000.

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