Coinbase paid $ 30,000 for vulnerability detection

Coinbase reported paying $ 30,000 for vulnerability detection. According to experts, independent developers were able to find a hole in the program code. Because of this, hackers could get access not only to personal accounts of users, but also to their confidential data.

The first vulnerability detection entry appeared on the HackerOne site. In just a few hours it was possible to eliminate it, as reported by the representatives of the exchange. Also, experts noted that the presence of such errors in the code indicates a potential danger to users. When they are detected, it is necessary to immediately report all information about them to the platform’s support service.

Coinbase for the security of personal data

Coinbase has previously tested a bug alert system. It is not only about minor errors in the code, but also about more serious threats. For the discovery of which a higher reward is provided. The maximum amount of the premium is about $ 50,000, but in this case we are talking about critical vulnerabilities.

Coinbase in 2018 has already paid 10 thousand dollars to developers for identifying software errors. Then, due to a malfunction, hackers could transfer unlimited amounts in Ethereum currency to their personal accounts.

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