Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges occupy the minimum market share

Despite the active development of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges in 2018, their market share will remain minimal. This is stated in the report of the research organization TokenInsight.

The lion’s share of the modern crypto market is still controlled by centralized trading floors. TokenInsight analysts studied the trade data from more than 400 cryptobirds and concluded that only 19% of the global exchange ecosystem falls to decentralized platforms (DEX).

The total volume of cryptocurrency trading on such sites is only 1% of the total volume of operations with digital assets on centralized platforms. The TokenInsight report also notes that in 2018, the development of decentralized platforms and the creation of appropriate infrastructure began.

Analysts linked the development of DEX sites with the expansion of the market for decentralized applications.

The report says that centralized platforms increasingly face problems due to the opacity of transactions and the storage of digital assets. In this regard, decentralized exchanges enable the investor to manage assets through smart contracts, which allows you to independently monitor the status of your funds.

Proof of the growing influence of DEX platforms was the fact that last year centralized exchanges that had problems with security of trading were subjected to hacker attacks.

Most decentralized platforms are running on ethereum and EOS blockchain platforms.

According to experts, now the volume of trading on DEX-platforms is very small, since many investors have not yet appreciated all the advantages of such platforms. As soon as the potential of these sites begins to be assessed realistically, the trading volumes on them will grow at an aggressive rate.

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