Electrum Bitcoin Wallet Team Warns of Phishing Projects

Electrum platform developers reported on phishing projects that lure customers through mailing. In particular, the recently appeared Stellar wallet can be fake, and its administrators can steal users’ personal data.

“You should not download any alternative wallet options for Stellar. All of them are fakes, because they do not meet the certification. In addition, Bitcoin and Stellar are fundamentally different projects, which is why they cannot be combined into one project. I would also like to emphasize that we have no relation to the Electrum Dark project, ”said representatives of the Electrum platform.

Experts advised to be as cautious as possible with altcoin versions of Electrum, since they do not have protection against malicious programs due to lack of certification. According to representatives of the platform, it is young coins that attract attackers, and they use tokens to send requests for the transfer of personal data. It is also recommended to always use anti-virus software that will identify phishing links.

The latest large-scale phishing attack was recorded with an Electrum wallet. Then the criminals received about 200 bitcoins. Fortunately, the developers quickly responded to the appearance of malicious software, removing it from the network in just a few minutes. After that, special protective utilities appeared in Electrum.

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