Ex-head of the Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has once again declared his innocence

Karpeles is accused of misappropriating approximately 340 million yen (more than $ 3 million) in Mt.’s wallets. Gox, as well as in fraudulent manipulation of exchange data.

Speaking before the court, the ex-CEO apologized for not being able to save the users cryptocurrency from the hacker attack. At the same time, he stressed that he considers himself innocent of the charges brought against him in court.

The largest in its time Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox crashed in early 2014. This happened after the dissemination of information about the loss of 800 thousand BTC, which were worth $ 480 million at that time.

Hearings on Carpeles and Mt. Gox last from June. The ex-head himself was released on bail in 2017, provided that he would not travel outside of Japan.

It is worth emphasizing that Karpeles is not charged with multimillion-dollar losses due to hacker attacks. However, prosecutors claim that he transferred the user 340 million yen to his account between September and December 2013. According to the authorities, these funds Karpeles used to invest in a business related to software development.

In turn, the defense of Karpeles claims that the transfer of funds was carried out without violations, within the framework of the business model Mt. Gox.

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