Google blacklisted Ethereum

The Google Ads platform began to reject advertisements mentioning Ethereum. About this in Reddit told the developer of the blockchain-startup Decenter under the nickname eli0tz.

According to him, since January 9, start-up ads with the keyword “Ethereum” are no longer displayed. I attached a screenshot of the error to the post eli0tz:

“Announcement is not showing now. This type of ad cannot be displayed in the target location. “

The developer said that if you enter into the search engine “audit of smart contracts Ethereum” and “audit of smart contracts EOS”, the advertisement will appear only for the second request. The same results will be when VPN is enabled.

“It is interesting that this prohibition does not apply to the keywords“ ICO ”,“ Bitcoin ”and“ EOS ”,” he added.

In turn, the Google Ads team stated that there were no changes in their rules, and suggested that the problem may be related to a ban on advertising cryptocurrencies in certain countries.

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