Google Play demanded that key features be removed from the Samourai Wallet from the cryptograph

Samourai Wallet wallet developers reported that the Google Plat required them to disable most of the basic functions of the application. It is not only about the possibility to work in incognito mode, but also about sending messages, swapping and many other useful features of the cryptocurrency utility.

Samourai Wallet Update May Be A Step Backward

The Samourai Wallet project has been running since 2015 and is constantly updated. The development team creates new solutions in order to make the use of cryptocurrencies and accounts as convenient as possible. Google Play recently announced new requirements for Internet banking. They affected not only credit institutions, but also cryptocurrency transaction operators. In particular, Samourai Wallet in the new update lost almost all the basic functionality.

The developers report says that protection from SIM swapping has repeatedly saved users of the crypto wallet, but now Google is guided by a new security policy, according to which such an approach may attract fraudsters. Update Samourai Wallet was supposed to appear on the network in December, but now the release should be expected only in March.

Those who decide to upgrade to version 0.99.04 should contact the support service in order to complain about the absence of one or another function. The developers hope that such an initiative will allow the utility to return to its former capabilities in the future.

The reason for the change in Google’s security policy was the Manhattan incident. A Harvard student was able, with the help of swapping, to hack several phones and steal more than $ 1 million.

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