ICO Fetch.AI on the Binance Launchpad platform collected $ 6 million in 22 seconds

The era of lightning ICO is back. Crowdsale project Fetch.AI, launched on the platform of Binance Launchpad. He collected the necessary $ 6 million in just 22 seconds.

This time, the Binance management obviously took into account the mistakes previously made during the sale of BitTorrent tokens. The size of the maximum investment was reduced from $ 20,000 to $ 3,000. Also, the work of the platform has noticeably improved. Unlike ICO BitTorrent, FET tokens were sold in one session, only for BNB.

Only 2,758 investors managed to acquire FET tokens, each of which bought an average of $ 2,175. This time, more investors were attracted to the crowdsale than last time. But those who could not buy the desired tokens were much more.

After some time, Zhao posted on his Twitter page a more detailed statistics tokensale. According to which 24,000 people signed a user agreement, 19,860 sent an application for the purchase of coins. And only 2,758 people were able to get coins.

“Everything happened in 22 seconds, and not in 10, as mentioned earlier,” he added.

It should be noted that just as after the completion of the BTT sale campaign, the cost of BNB tokens has decreased.

Zhao wished good luck to failed investors during the next campaign, which, he said, will take place shortly.

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