Lightning Network Co-Creator Is Designing a Scaling Solution Called Utreexo

According to a recent research report, one of the creators of the Lightning Network programmer, Tadge Dryja, is working on a dynamic UTXO battery called Utreexo. The project could theoretically allow network participants to check the status of blockchain consensus rules using small sets of cryptographic evidence.

“No trusted installation or security compromises are required; instead, the burden of tracking funds is shifted to the owner of these funds, ”explains in the description of the project Tadge Dryja. “With the help of Utreexo, instead of storing all information about the state of Bitcoin, holders of cryptocurrency can simply check its accuracy by using cryptographic evidence. This will allow Bitcoin to open the way to mobile devices. ”

With Utreexo, the protocol determines the cost of maintaining a network correctly, says the Dryja study. The millions of intranet transactions that caused many disputes could be supported by reducing the size of all existing UTXOs to a few kilobytes.

Despite the fact that battery outputs can be a long-term solution in the field of scaling, this idea has been discussed for more than nine years with little progress. Some people believe that the batteries are likely to be implemented by developers who are not so stubborn when it comes to scaling the protocol, for example, by Ethereum programmers and Bitcoin Cash.

Tadge Dryja gained popularity in the cryptocurrency community as one of the creators of the Lightning Network, whose throughput in the Bitcoin blockchain exceeded 500 BTC in December. Dryja said he was working on a hash battery that stores the hash of each UTXO, reducing storage by half, back in October last year. In addition, in May 2018, Dryja and other MIT developers tested the Lightning Network with smart contracts.

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