Lightning Network Throughput Exceeds 600 Bitcoins

Lightning Network reported maintaining positive momentum. Over the past month, the network capacity exceeded 600 BTC, which is about $ 2 million in US currency. Currently, it has more than 22 thousand channels for payments connected by 5 thousand nodes.

Rapid Growth Lightning Network

“We are committed to scaling Bitcoin and gradually reducing transaction fees. In addition, the work on improving the privacy of payments also allows us to talk about the growth of network users. The capacity of the platform is growing every month, which makes it possible to make very optimistic forecasts, ”the message of the Lightning Network says.

Representatives of the network are confident that the positive dynamics was reflected in the attraction of new developments aimed at increasing the cross-country capacity and speed of internal transactions. Lightning Network has become much more convenient for ordinary users and corporate customers, which has led to an increase in performance.

The development of the Lightning Network has become one of the most ambitious processes in the second half of last year. Representatives of the network noted that their main task is to increase the speed and reliability of payments.

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