Mass Media: Huobi began a massive downsizing

As one of the employees of Huobi said, the company prepared an examination test for all staff for 2000 questions. If an employee fails the test, called the Blockchain Qualification Exam, he has a second attempt. After the second failure, he can be fired.

A Huobi spokesperson confirmed the dismissals that occurred, but he called this the optimization of personnel by getting rid of the worst employees. He stressed that the company still hires people.

In response to rumors of a blockchain exam prepared for employees, a company spokesman said that preparations for testing had been conducted since the beginning of 2018. His goal is to help employees become more professional and increase the operational efficiency of the company, he stressed.

In the Chinese counterpart, LinkedIn – Maimai, Huobi employees reported that layoffs in the company began in October under the pretext of cost cutting and business restructuring.

Based in China, Huobi re-registered in Singapore after the ban of the country’s authorities. In 2018, the company began a rapid expansion of its business, creating a number of subsidiaries, ranging from Huobi Mining Pool, Huobi Wallet, Huobi Capital and ending with Huobi Labs and Huobi News. During this process, the number of its employees has grown this year from 300 to 1,300, about 1,000 of which are related to the exchange business.

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