Monero (XMR) successfully held a new hard fork in the network

In the network anonymity-oriented cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) held hard fork. Update activated on block # 1788000. This should protect the network from ASIC miners.

The Monero (XMR) network is now protected from the big bang attack. This attack is based on the dynamic block size algorithm. Using a vulnerability, an attacker could increase the block to 10 TB in just a couple of days. This would disable most network nodes. Also, developers have added a set of “fictitious data”, which will increase the similarity of transactions. Therefore, transactions will be even more anonymous.

Note that after the upgrade, users also need to update their cryptocurrency mining software. Since the hard fork has increased the stability of the network to mining with the help of ASIC devices. Not all users have updated their software yet. Therefore, the network hash rate has dropped significantly. If before the update it exceeded 1 Gh / s, then the current hash rate is 434 Mh / s.

The blocks will be mined more slowly until the mining difficulty is corrected.

Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency remains the most popular among attackers using cryptojacking.

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