Nine candidates for the role of Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin is over 10 years old, and the identity of its creator has remained undisclosed. Who really is Satoshi Nakamoto? It remains only to speculate on the basis of those little bits of truth that we have. For example, for Nakamoto more than once it was noticed the spelling of words in the British manner – “color” and “optimize”. If some consider him an indigenous Englishman, others see Satoshi as a purebred Japanese.

Still, to this day, crypto-enthusiasts have formed a clear list of “main suspects” for the role of the creator of Bitcoin. Perhaps government agencies already have the necessary information? For example, in 2018, representatives of the CIA stated that they “could neither confirm nor deny the existence of Satoshi Nakamoto”.

List of the most likely candidates:

Vili Lehdonvirta

38-year-old professor from the Helsinki Institute of Information Technology

However, Lehdonvirta himself also refused the title of the creator of Bitcoin. According to him, to develop such a complex project, you need to devote yourself to cryptography. There are few such people in the world and Vili himself is not one of them.

Shinichi Mochizuki

49-year-old mathematician from Kyoto University

Dorian Nakamoto

68-year-old American of Japanese descent, who previously worked for the US Armed Forces

He passed on to people. Now they are responsible for it. I have nothing to do with him anymore.

However, in an interview with The Associated Press, Nakamoto rejected his connection with Bitcoin. According to him, he misunderstood Goodman and thought that she was asking about his participation in secret projects for the US Armed Forces.

Nick Sabo

(Presumably) 55-year-old American of Hungarian origin, the creator of the first electronic currency BitGold

I, Wei Dai and Hal Finney were the only people who liked the idea of ​​digital currency enough to start developing such a project before Nakamoto (assuming Satoshi is not Dai or Finney).

In any case, Sabo also refuted all the arguments of researchers and in 2014, he said that Satoshi Nakamoto is not.

Hal Finney

One of the first American researchers of cryptography. Died in 2014 at the age of 58

Greenberg later turned to Juola & Associates for help in comparing examples of Finney’s texts with Satoshi’s messages. It turns out that analysts have found the most coincidence between the two individuals. However, the emails from Nakamoto to Finney are the most consistent with the style of the original whitecoil Bitcoin.

On the basis of this, Greenberg made another statement – Hal Finney wrote part of public messages to the creator of cryptocurrency. The programmer has denied all suspicions about himself, having met personally with Greenberg. Finney showed him his correspondence history and cryptocurrency wallet. The journalist finally came to the conclusion that Finney was telling the truth.

Unfortunately, more information about the relationship between Dorian Nakamoto, Satoshi Nakamoto and Hal Finney, we hardly ever get. August 28, 2014 Finney died in his home in Phoenix after a long struggle with a serious illness.

Craig Wright

48-year-old Australian scientist and businessman. The creator of the “original Bitcoin” Bitcoin SV

Neal King, Vladimir Oksman and Charles Bry

Citizens of the USA and Germany. Occupation and Charles Bryage unknown

Perhaps the evidence is far-fetched, but there is another strange coincidence. Domain registered exactly three days after the approval of the patent. Still, King, Oksman and Bray did not reject their involvement in the creation of Bitcoin after Penenberg’s personal appeal.

Elon Musk

47-year-old American businessman. Creator PayPal and SpaceX

Gupta gave absolutely no concrete evidence. He said that Mask’s extensive knowledge of economics, technology and programming can be a “good background” for Satoshi Nakamoto himself. Perhaps the former intern simply wanted a bit of publicity, because after a while Ilon Musk himself mentioned him on Twitter. The creator of SpaceX noted that the findings of the researcher are false.

Government organization

Bitcoin is a new toy of the authorities

This is just a theory that has been circulating for a long time in the crypto community. The evidence of her supporters borders on a worldwide conspiracy and conspiracy of governments.

The most common conclusion is that Bitcoin should “win” the US dollar. But the cryptocurrency will not become a symbol of a decentralized future, free from the dictatorship of the authorities. On the contrary, governments want to “transplant” the world to a crypt in order to control in general all the financial transactions of each person.

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