Overstock’s tZERO Token Platform Has Officially Opened

Now accredited investors have the opportunity to secondary trade security tokens through brokerage accounts of New York’s Dinosaur Financial Group. As the head of tZERO Saum Nursalehi said:

“The world of security tokens lacked an adjustable platform for secondary trading. Starting a trade with our own security token is like passing the Rubicon on the way to a new world of digital assets. tZERO will create liquidity, increase accessibility, ensure transparency and efficiency for global markets and speed the spread of security tokens. ”

Developers have created a platform for more than four years. TZERO has laid the foundation for trading other tokenized assets, including debt instruments, goods and real estate. In the summer of 2018 during the tokensale tZERO managed to attract more than $ 130 million from thousands of investors.

Elliot Grossman, senior vice president of Dinosaur Financial Group, said he was impressed with tZERO’s achievements and hoped to become part of the blockchain revolution.

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