Poloniex has increased its characteristics after a major system upgrade

The cryptocurrency trading platform Poloniex increased its characteristics after a serious update of the system. This increased the productivity of crypto wallets, the speed of the trading mechanism and reduced all overall costs in general.

Thanks to the large-scale upgrade of the system, deposits and withdrawals are now 5 times faster. Before the update, the time for the operation took 5-10 minutes, but now it is already 1-2 minutes. That speed is supported for all popular currencies.

The rate of placement and execution of orders increased 10 times. Therefore, the average delay in processing orders is up to 225 milliseconds. Before the update, this characteristic was 2,500 milliseconds.

The administration emphasizes that these improvements are only initial improvements. The updated infrastructure will provide an opportunity to scale faster, introduce new functionality and increase the performance of the site.

The operator claims that since Circle bought the platform, significant changes have occurred in the infrastructure of the site, which led to greater stability of the exchange.

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