Roberto Escobar launches his own stablebcoin to support Trump’s impeachment

Roberto Escobar, who is the brother of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, said he was going to launch his own steylcoin, which he plans to use in the future to support impeachment of Donald Trump. In particular, we are talking about the organization of the Impeach Trump Fund.

Cuban standoff

Escobar noted that the project will be invested in US currency, thereby attracting the attention of the government of the country. Earlier, the brother of the famous Colombian politician tried to raise funds in the amount of $ 50 million, but in the end he was able to collect only one-fifth of the amount on the GoFundMe platform. Now Escobar communicates with real investors who can contribute money to the project, being interested in the resignation of the current American president. Stablecoin, which is under development, will have the name ESCOBAR.

According to the head of Escobar Inc. Olof Gustafsson, pre-sale of coins can begin as early as February and last until May. This will allow to collect the necessary amount for the launch of the project and not worry about financing in the future. In support of the creation of cryptocurrency, and expressed many representatives of the American opposition, sharing the views of Roberto Escobar. Now he is ready to implement about 200 million tokens. From the beginning of the summer, they can be exchanged for real money through the branch of his company located in Belize.

Last year, Roberto Escobar has already attempted to launch Diet Bitcoin. According to him, the coin was developed together with the current US government in order to bring investors to losses and bankruptcy. This should have been reflected in the potential resignation of the president.

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