ShapeShift platform announced large-scale rebranding

The head of the company, Eric Vorges, made a statement during the ETHDenver conference. The conference is taking place these days in the capital of the state of Colorado. The company has made additional announcements on its official website during this week.

In particular, ShapeShift changes the company’s visual logo, fonts and color set, but its main mascot – the fox – remains.

“Why is the fox?” Foxes are usually subtle creatures. Pomp is not their style. Consequently, they prefer to remain inconspicuous and prefer cunning to brute force. In Celtic mythology, the fox is revered for its wisdom … and they consider it its guide to the world of spirits, ”the company’s blog says.

ShapeShift philosophy

Eric Vorges gives additional details on the future ShapeShift philosophy. She really deserves attention – at least from an aesthetic point of view. The slogan “Beauty in chaos” sounds bright for the cryptocurrency industry at the moment. Because, frankly speaking, in the conditions of crypto winter, it is slightly frozen and it clearly lacks creativity.

One of the close cooperation ShapeShift takes place with the manufacturer of hardware wallets KeepKey. Therefore, the company acquired it in the summer of 2017. At the moment, devices are offered at a reduced price, in addition, KeepKey announced a partnership with MyEtherWallet.

Most notably, these are the latest entries by Emily Coleman, CMO ShapeShift. Because the company’s employees appear in the image of unicorns. Correspondingly, hinting at the fact that ShapeShift’s capitalization in the near future (if it has not already happened), may exceed $ 1 billion.

“The new brand symbolizes a deeper focus on what is happening. We love beauty in chaos, but we also understand that this is a crazy and constantly changing industry. This means that we need to work a little more hard to make our brand understandable to people, ”added Eric Vorges.

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