Tether updated the policy of providing USDT-tokens

The USDT is accused that it is not 100% secured by fiat currency. Regular updating of the policy of providing stablecoin confirmed the suspicions of the community.

The company recently separated the provision of tokens. Now stablecoin is supported by such reserves: traditional currency and cash equivalents. Also from time to time other assets and future income from loans that the token issuer USDT has provided to third parties.

But Tether still guarantees that every token is backed by 1: 1 American currency.

Prior to this, the company claimed that steblecoin is fully pegged to US dollars. This was partially garnished by the Bloomberg edition.

Policy update has generated comments from Bloomberg users. The author of the statement under the nickname Toyake writes that from this moment it can be officially stated that the token is not supported by 100% US currency.

The new edition may be associated with the investigation. This investigation by the US Department of Justice, along with the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CTFC), is conducted against Tether. It lasts from November last year.

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