The Binance crypto currency exchange will launch trading platform in Russia

Binance, a Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange, plans to launch its trading platforms in several countries, including Russia. The Russian representation of the company will actually become a separate legal entity, reports the portal Block.

The company’s objectives include a phased expansion of its presence on all continents. In addition to the European region, cryptobirth wants to launch trading in digital assets together with local currencies in Latin America and African countries.

In Uganda, the company’s trading platform began serving traders last year. In mid-January this year, a separate site was launched on the island of Jersey. Russian traders will be able to perform operations with Bitcoin and ether paired with the ruble.

Earlier it was reported that a representative office in the Russian Federation with a Russian-speaking customer support center was launched by another cryptocurrency exchange, Huobi. The opening of the Singapore company’s office took place on November 12, headed by Andrey Grachev.

Huobi plans to participate in many blockchain projects in Russia, including the training of specialists in the cryptosphere and the launch of startups involved in the development of decentralized platforms.

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