The virus that attacks the miners is spreading in China

According to local media, a virus is attacking in China, attacking cryptocurrency miners. Losses already amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

It seems that the virus infects, in the first place, the Antminer device from Bitmain. Extortionist requires 10 bitcoins, threatening, in case of failure, overheating of the equipment.

You can get rid of the virus by formatting the memory card of an infected miner – this process resembles reinstalling the operating system somewhere. However, the process takes four days, during which the farm is idle, because it should be turned off, as soon as one miner becomes infected, otherwise the virus quickly spreads to other miners.

It seems that the source of the virus is overestimation of the processor clock frequency. If in a normal way, Bitmain miners are able to work at a speed of 13.5 terachashs / ​​sec, then, due to an overestimate of the processor clock frequency, the speed can be increased to 18 terachashs / ​​sec. One firmware seems to be infected with a virus.

The virus was first seen in August last year when it was discovered in Antminer S9, T9, and even in the L3 + lightcoin miner. The virus runs on Linux.

A hacker is able to decide when he wants to activate a virus. Miner cC said that he first saw the green screen, and then – this is a message-picture:

Another miner, Wang Wei, said that at night the virus secretly changed the mining address of its 4,000 devices to the mining address of the hacker. According to Wei, after that the hacker began to receive $ 8,000 a day.

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