Top 5 Whale Transactions in the Last Ten Days

Over the past ten days, the 5 largest transactions of “crypto whales” consisted of Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC. The total amount of all five transactions was $ 708.5 million.

Top 5 led Bitcoin, who took the first and third positions; Ethereum took the second and third places; and the surprise of the week was the steakblokoin USDC, who finished fourth.

All transactions were sent to unknown wallets, and not to stock. Binance ranks first in transaction volumes, followed by Bittrex and Poloniex.

It is interesting to add to the “whale” assets of stablebcoin USDC. In the last 48 hours alone, cumulative operations with USDC amounted to $ 335.7 million, and the largest of them, with a size of more than $ 70 million, is represented in the top 5 under No. 4.

№5. On January 15, 465,903 ethereum ($ 56,996,873) were moved from an unknown purse to an unknown purse:

№4. On January 17, 69,966,299 USDC ($ 70,666,062) were transferred from Poloniex to an unknown wallet:

Number 3. On January 11, 20,000 bitcoins ($ 73,289,200) were transferred from Bittrex to an unknown wallet:

№2. On January 11, 850,000 ethereum ($ 108,791,500) were transferred from Bittrex to an unknown wallet:

№1. On January 14, 107,432 Bitcoins ($ 398,826,749) were transferred from Binance to an unknown wallet:

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