Vulnerabilities found in OmiseGo blockchain. 12 more bugs found in other large projects.

White hackers found bugs in the systems of large startups. Eight bugs found in the OmiseGo box. Also, 12 vulnerabilities are found in Augur, Monero, ICON, Stellar, and Robinhood.

Projects paid about $ 7,400 for eliminating bugs. In particular, the developers of the Augur prediction platform paid $ 2,850 for disclosing three vulnerabilities, one of which qualified as a “medium-risk bug”.

At the same time, the team paid $ 2,250 for information on three gaps, ICON – $ 1000 for one.

Stellar and Robinhood do not disclose information.

It also became known that the vulnerabilities found in OmiseGo and Augur could redirect users to phishing sites. The nature of other problems developers do not report.

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