Weiss Ratings explained why cryptocurrency ratings are needed

The publication of ratings of the safest and most promising digital currencies also increases the investment attractiveness of such assets. Martin Weiss, CEO of Weiss Ratings, said.

Weiss also stressed that the rating system debunks the myth of gigantic risks. These are risks that relate to investments in digital currency.

Therefore, objective and independent rating systems are essential. This enables individual and institutional investors to objectively assess the risks and prospects of specific investments. In addition, the publication of crypto ratings reduces the hype and fear that now still dominate the investor camp.

Weiss Ratings makes ratings for the following users:

  • Investors;
  • People interested in the crypto industry;
  • Blockchain product developers;
  • Miners and tokens issuers.

The general director of the agency Weiss Ratings noted three different cryptocurrency valuation systems. The first system is Weiss Tech. It is used by those who are interested in general risks and the potential of cryptocurrency projects.

The second rating system, Weiss risk, allows potential investors to assess the prospects for long-term investments in individual digital assets. The third evaluation system analyzes the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

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