Weiss Ratings Forecast for 2019

2017 was a great year for cryptoinvestors, 2018 turned into a real disaster. What awaits us in the year 2019 are wondering at Weisscryptocurrencyratings.

Before answering this question, investors should know that 2018 was a disaster only in terms of lowering the market price. In terms of the fundamentals of crypto space, this was a year of serious progress.

In particular, an innovative Hashgraph was developed, which takes us beyond the blockchain. Also there was a project Holochain, not based on the blockchain, Bitcoin launched Lightning Network, which accelerated transaction processing.

The analysis for 2019 is based on two models:

A cycle model that helps to assess the main market trends;
A rating model that identifies coins with the highest levels of risk, reward, technology, and acceptance.
Each model is defined by tens of thousands of data, which are analyzed weekly. Based on them, seven forecasts were made for 2019 and the subsequent period.

Forecast number 1

Bitcoin will increasingly be used as a means of accumulation. Its storage is free, it is easy to list, it is safe and cannot be confiscated by any government.

No other asset offers such a combination of properties, therefore, at the moment Bitcoin has no competitors.

Conclusion: Bitcoin could well become digital gold.

Forecast number 2

The price of Bitcoin will resume growth and reach new record highs. In the end, throughout 2015, Bitcoin experienced four bear markets with a fall of 70 percent or more.

And each time, the so-called experts prepared the next obituary, but each time the bitcoin was restored and went to a new bullish coil, which brought an average growth of 6300% relative to the bottom.

Last year we witnessed the fifth major bearish drawdown of the Bitcoin market. And again, the experts arranged a regular Bitcoin funeral.

Few people note that due to lower prices in 2018, most inexperienced investors left the market, while thoughtful investors retained their assets and even increased them.

The technology of the distributed registry continues to evolve, with many shortcomings characteristic of the first generation cryptographic systems being eliminated.

If we talk about noteworthy coins, their adoption has increased significantly. You can even say that the foundation was laid for a new bull market.

Conclusion: in 2019, as well as after the previous bear markets, Bitcoin will rise again and reach new record highs.

Forecast number 3

Individual Altcoins will grow 20 times over previous historical highs.

Alt-coins are usually less known and less liquid, but some of them will be used in the real world with a growing degree of acceptance. Ultimately, they will return to their historic highs and even surpass them.

Forecast number 4

A certain group of cryptocurrencies will work for the creation of a new type of Internet.

Currently, EOS, Cardano, Holochain, and other coins are leading the way to create Internet 3.0, a more secure and sustainable global network.

In addition, numerous competitors are entering this market, but most of them are likely to fail.

However, if successful, the potential prize will be huge, succeeding in creating Internet 3.0 cryptocurrency will occupy trillions of dollars of market capitalization.

Forecast number 5

Another group of cryptocurrencies aims to crush the banking ecosystem. Bitcoin was created in order to become a new kind of digital payment network, although it has not yet achieved this goal.

Meanwhile, XRP Ripple and Stellar are keen to accept this challenge. They are preparing to reshape the financial markets, the system of money and electronic transfers and much more.

In particular, XRP Ripple aims to supplant the giant payment network of the global banking system SWIFT. If he manages to take away the market share of SWIFT and replace it in some areas, then the position of XRP can significantly improve.

Forecast number 6

Many cryptocurrencies will disappear for the simple reason that they do not carry anything new.

Even in the top 10 by market capitalization, some of the coins fit this description, including Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, and Litecoin. They have no innovative way to apply. Over time, they may disappear.

Forecast number 7

Top 10 will get new coins.

Holochain, Hedera Hashgraph is still only promising, but soon they can go on stage and enter the top 10 by market capitalization.

These are projects with a distributed registry without a blockchain may become a new level of trust on the Internet, and their tokens will probably grow in price faster than their “blockchain-competitors”.

Some Russian cryptocurrency market experts, including the founder of the CryptoBazar fund and the technical director of CB Capital Andrei Yudin, also believe that in 2019 we will see new crypto-projects that will become the engine of the cryptoindustry development.

“The year 2018 was not easy, along with the decline in cryptocurrency rates, we all faced the closure of many ICO projects. Of course, many users lost their investment, but unfortunately almost all new markets developed and the crypto and blockchain industry is no exception .

Nevertheless, new serious projects have appeared and will appear, for example, Telegram, Kakao, Facebook’s tosap tokens, a powerful and long-awaited service for institutional investors Bakkt. Undoubtedly, these projects will become leaders in the development of the blockchain industry in 2019 and subsequent years.

2019 will be a time for the development of cryptocurrency in instant messengers. For our venture fund CryptoBazar, the year also became successful, we not only did not suffer losses, but, unlike most other crypto funds, remained in the black, saved and increased the money of investors.

Moreover, within the framework of the newly created fund with the classic venture capital structure of CB Capital, we are developing, investing in blockchain projects of instant messengers, conducting hackathons, attracting new developers, investors and just crypto enthusiasts. “

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